Love at First Sight

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November 26th, 2016, 8:53 am
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S.S. Princess November 26th, 2016, 9:22 am
Here you are my lovelies!!! Hey everyone!! Sorry you have been neglected from any page updates! I have been so busy but I do want to get some more pages out to you all!!! Here is some Q&A that has been rolling in over the comic questions and emails:

Q: Will the entire comic be published online for free reading?

A: Unfortunately my darlings, because the purpose of this comic is to self-publish, the entire comic won't be published online :/ I will be sharing probably about half of the book.

Q: How many pages is the comic?

A: The comic draft is now up to 35 pages! The print comic book itself is going to be 44 pages! So excited!!!

Q: How much is the comic?

A: To pre-order the comic is only $10!!! Yeah, that's right!!! My goal from self-publishing this comic is to get my story drawn by the lovely and amazing Amandurr, but I still wanted to keep it affordable! There is a cost breakdown update on the kickstarter page!

Q: What about the other comics on your SmackJeeves Profile that have no pages? Are those being commissioned by other artists?

A: Ohhhhh I already got you guys excited about some more works I guess! I don't want to announce too much too soon, as part of the announcements are a special surprise being included with the pre-orders of Love At First Sight... So I will just say for now that yes there is more stuff coming in the future <3 And even though I would love to keep Amandurr as my BL-drawing slave for the entirety of her life, she actually has real things going for her, so I am using her for whatever projects she is interested in but any artists interested in getting paid for commissioned work can feel free to DM me!

Q: Is there smut????

A: I'm so sorry lovelies but this comic is rated 12+! There are definitely kissing scenes (yes plural!) but no smut for the print. I DO have a smut scene drafted that I will possibly commission from Amandurr if there are enough funds left over from the pre-orders, and that would be available by an online download!
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KattyGirlPlayz June 1st, 2018, 3:50 pm
*Cough cough* Boyfriend *Cough Cough*